Fencing installed around farm land by Wildcat Fencing Co. LLC

Residential Fencing in East Bernstadt, KY

Wildcat Fencing Co. is a family-operated company that started out producing treated fence material. Using that experience and knowledge, we expanded the scope and skill of our company. Now, we construct both residential and commercial fencing for all of Laurel County, as well as surrounding counties, including Jackson, Clay, and Knox. 

We have experience installing numerous types of fences, including barb-wire fencing, row-wire fencing, wood board fencing, and chain-link fences for agricultural, commercial, and residential properties and purposes. We are even qualified to install ornamental fences and electronic gate systems. No matter the kind of fence you’re interested in, we will deliver it to you with expert craftsmanship and at a fair price. 

Wildcat Fencing Co. can meet all of your fencing needs. Give us a call to find out how.  

Our Fencing Services

-       Agricultural Fencing

-       Commercial Fencing

-       Residential Fencing

-       Barb-Wire

-       Row-Wire

-       Board

-       Chain-Link

-       Ornamental

-       Electronic Gate Systems

-       Fence Repair